About Us

The Institute of Social Sciences and Technology (ISST) comprises of four departments; Business Studies, Liberal Studies, Mass Media Studies and Entrepreneurship Education. The Institute has had very good performance in the courses offered in the respective departments. Our goal is to enable our trainees to achieve academic excellence and become competent graduates that are highly sought after, both locally and globally. The Institute is introducing competency based courses in 2023 examined by the Polytechnic. In additional to the academic certificate, we encourage our trainees to register for relevant professional courses examinations. The Institute will start offering short courses and training workshops which the trainees could enroll and acquire additional knowledge and skills. The trainees are also encouraged to present items for exhibitions of the Polytechnic and for TVET and international events. The trainees also carry out practical work in the Polytechnic under trainers’ supervision for example event coverage and development of documents. The departments have highly qualified and experienced trainers, who are available to the trainees for guidance and advice. The Institute has received immense support from the Management and we are very grateful to have achieved continual improvement every year.

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